Morning Prayer Pendant Necklace

Help me to remember
that nothing is going to happen to me today
 that you and I together can't handle.

Saying these words as soon as you wake up or whenever you need, will fill your body with unstoppable strength to take on any challenge with life throws at you.

happyTo amplify the power of the prayer, you should have an object that will be your secret strength-giver. It could be something that you could wear everyday that will help you remember that He is always with you wherever you go. Something that will remind you to pray every morning and spend a moment to think that faith can move mountains and defeat any adversities. 

We have thought a long time what could that be and finally we are happy to offer you the Morning Prayer Pendant Necklace.

This pendant has the words of the Morning Prayer morning prayer necklace
on the front with a sign of Jesus in the middle. You could wear on your neck, keep it in your purse or in your car. You could use it to pray in the morning or wherever you need. It is a symbol of your faith and how you live your life. You know Jesus loves you and protects you. He can make impossible possible.

Whenever you look at this pendant or hold it in your hand, you'll know there isn't a problem that can't be solved. All bad times in your life will soon be in the past, as long as your faith is strong.

This necklace is custom designed and made in the United States. It’s unique. You can’t get it anywhere else. 

morning prayer necklace 2

The pendant is silver plated with a custom hardened resin insert to show the highest quality color vibrance in your necklace possible.

The pendant is 1 inch in diameter and the chain is 18 inches.

We used the best technology available to make this piece last a very long time. It’s ultra violet and water resistant. The color is different shades of blue.


We have spent countless hours deciding what the fair price would be for this beautiful piece of spiritual jewelry. We needed to take under consideration custom design, custom manufacturing (yes, that's right. this necklace is not mass produced), and cost of high end materials. We also use an American fulfillment center as the product is made and shipped from the US. 

All of the above taken into account, we have come up with a very affordable price of $29.99. However, we wanted to offer you something very special.

special offer

We reserved a small batch of only 50 units that will be available at first come first served basis for the incredibly LOW PRICE $19.99. That’s less than a pizza pie!

Please keep in mind, once they’re gone the discounted price will no longer be available.

guaranteeTo make sure your purchase is 100% Risk Free we have decided to extend our guarantee to the market leading 90 days. If for any reason, you don’t find this necklace helpful or just don’t want it any more for any other reason, simply send it back for a full refund. Absolutely no questions asked.



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